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iCOOP College, Malaysia

The Maktab Koperasi Malaysia (MKM) was registered on June 6, 2013. It aims to set up a college named iCOOP College under the jurisdiction of the government to begin the move towards UKoM (University of Cooperative Malaysia) and to produce qualified human capital especially in the field of cooperatives.

iCOOP College Malaysia started its operation as a higher education institution since July 2015. It is the first college in Malaysia to offer cooperative courses. The establishment of the course has changed the landscape of the local education field which later became an inspiration for the establishment of cooperative universities in Malaysia. iCOOP College offers education-related services and shares expertise to the public in order to empower the local cooperative education sector to be more systematic. However, iCOOP College operations had to be temporary suspended early of year 2023 to make way for the establishment of the Malaysian Cooperative Entrepreneurship University / Universiti Keusahawanan Koperasi Malaysia (UKKM). However, iCOOP College has resumed its operations early of 2024 when IREAM Edu Sdn Bhd (IREAM Education Group Malaysia) have been officially appointed by Institut Koperasi Malaysia (IKMa) which is also an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development Malaysia (KUSKOP) to take over the operation and administrative management of iCOOP College Malaysia.

In line with the transformation of Malaysian government TVET education plan, IREAM Edu Sdn Bhd (IREAM Education Group Malaysia) plan to transform iCOOP College to become the only cooperative TVET higher educational institution in Malaysia to produce highly TVET educated future cooperative members as well as Malaysian. Providing a wide range of employment opportunities in the cooperative technical sector, to produce qualified and competent human capital, especially in the field of TVET technology, scientific, digital transformation and publishing results are commercialized in line with efforts to improve the quality of knowledge-based services. The strategy is to create successful future cooperative members with innovative entrepreneurial ideas.


马来西亚合作社高等教育机构(MKM)于2013年6月6日注册成立, 目标是要建立一所名为艾思库学院的高等教育学院, 也是马来西亚政府未来计划成立一所马来西亚合作社大学(UKKM)的第一步,目的是要栽培尤其是企业合作社领域的专业人才。

2015年7月, 马来西亚艾思库学院以一所政府高等教育学院开始运营。它是马来西亚第一所提供企业及合作社商业领域课程的学院。该领域课程的设立改变了马来西亚高等教育领域的格局,后来成为了启发政府计划设立一所马来西亚企业合作社大学的指标。艾思库学院提供相关教育服务,并向公众分享专业知识,以加强本地高等教育部门的系统。然而在2023年,为了成立”马来西亚企业发展与合作社创业大学”, 政府暂停了艾思库学院的运作直到政府邀请及委任马来西亚育英教育集团接管艾思库学院的管理权, 并在隶属马来西亚企业发展及合作社部(KUSKOP)以及该部合作社研究所(IKMa)支持下重新运作。

在马来西亚育英教育集团的领导及配合政府对技职/职业教育的改革计划下,是将艾思库学院发展成为马来西亚唯一一所为合作社成员以及国民栽培未来高素质职业技术人才的高等职业技术教育学府。在各高等技术领域为毕业生提供广泛的就业机会,培养合格和胜任的技术人才,特别是在先进技术领域,科研,数码商业化等等并提升他们的技能, 技术知识, 创新创业思想, 优化服务质量为发展基础而努力, 也是育英教育集团发展艾思库学院的使命。